Project Emit Patch 1.0.3

After a few days off last week, we're back and have been working on this patch this week. 

It includes:
Fully remappable controller support
Graphical settings
Grappling hook updates 

And much more, hope you enjoy it!
Here's the full patch notes

Patch 1.0.3 now available
* Added fully remappable Controller Support!
* Graphical settings now available, including Quality Settings, V-Sync settings, Motion Blur settings (since pre-patch)
* More optimized experience
* Changed / Updated behaviour when standing next to enemies (walking through enemies should be much harder)
* Fixed a bug where enemies rotation was not correct when on slope
* Disabled heal (E) when next to a healing tree
* Down Slash movement more accurate
* Ending-cutscene being distorted etc when on low health
* Fixed a bug where the sword's trail never stopped being active. 
* Adjusted Combat Music's behaviour
* Improved grapple hook 
* Updated controller menu
* Updated tutorial text
* If you attack when you grapple an enemy, you can now be dragged to them. 
* Lowered start motion blur (which can be adjusted in the settings)
* Fixed a bug where you reload to the wrong checkpoint
* Made saving more apparent when it happens
* "Depth Of Field Zones" 
* Fixed a bug where the player would sometimes automatically damage enemies. 
* Added healing directly after boss
* Other smaller fixes & graphical changes

// D&R


Project Emit Demo 1.0.3 270 MB
Oct 02, 2020
Project Emit Demo 1.0.3 267 MB
Oct 02, 2020

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